Searching for Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

The first task in developing the affiliate program is to find a profitable Niche.

In 2020, anghu shop bring us the following niche opportunities: Fitness, Sports, Travel, Wholesale, Fashion, Outdoor, Tools, Global...

Why we need join " Anghu Affiliate Program" ? For reasons:

1. Globalized trade market opportunities

Imagine it, if european shoppers follow your link to check out, but your referral merchant ship to US only, it seems you spend same time to work, but no globalized trade will lose some profit and opportunities.

Anghu shop filters excellent goods made in China, You can get the source of price advantage and reach people from any corner of the world, because this is free shipping worldwide.

2. The possibility of greater profit growth

Increasing sales amount on single purchase will help your profit grow faster. Anghu shop stands on wholesale business, main face to the B2B marketing, but also care to B2C. If you can reach more wholesale shoppers, it will a greater possibility to increase the profit each other.

Earn up to 5% commission seems not a very high profit, but don't forget that this is based on competitive marketing prices and goal to increase turnover rate at wholesale business, Anghu shop platform based on building self advantages will win more opportunities for partners too, Although it seems that a single profit is not so high.

3. Real-time tracking and full report

For affiliates, a secure, easy-to-track and instant response query commission system is really important. Anghu shop has build a good link-based or code-based commission settlement system.

In addition, your commission rate is not always fix to 5%. This just normal setting for a new starter parnter, Anghu shop has 3 affiliates levels, which allows to upgrade affiliates types, to earn more commissions to be 6% and 8%.

How to join Anghu affiliate program?

To join Anghu affiliate program is very simple. The system will automatically generate referral links and referral codes for you. and you will meet affiliate toolbar to easily add referral links, the referral code make it easier for you to convert, because it can help customers save money, and you make money at the same time, win-win.

Are you ready now ? Take a few seconds to  sign up here.

Jul 22nd 2020 Jone Hu

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