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Will you pay high shipping costs for each small package and wait for the long delivery one by one ?

For international shopping, you may meet multiple suppliers from multiple platforms in China, you need to pay high freight for each small package, and you need to wait for several weeks or even a month to get all them in hand. It 's not only make you to pay more for transportation, but also consume energy and delay in time.

Why can't all small parcels be collected in one stop purchase ?

If you send all the small parcels together into been one bigger package, you will save a lot of shipping cost and time. Due to small parcels are usually delivered by post, the shipping cost involved is several times than use to shipping by air express,  Many online retail sales, You may heared it's method the free shipping, but in fact it's already includes more hidden costs at unit price. 

Anghu shop bring more hot sale items, control to save on shipping cost and reduce sale price at lowest wholesale price, In addition, Anghu shop has improved sales services, not only providing hot sale products online, and also deeply reach to China supplier marketing souce to get 99% China made items easily. You only need to send a simple inquiry to get a strong support of one stop purchase of Chinese goods.

Who can be a more poweful support to wholesale business in China ?

You must need a Chinese supplier like: Who can help you get quality goods at a low cost ? Who can notify you of the latest hot sale in time, Who can assist you in dealing with after sales service in a timely manner ? Who can save you money and increase sales turnover ? Ang Hu is doing something like this to support your business growing !

We establish contact with you, become a good partner in business together, and be your solid and powerful backing in China. Thank you !

Mar 22nd 2020

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